Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Updates

11.45 pm

--A tweaked bracket comes tomorrow.
--OSS has been update with just a few games still going.
--Lockbox has been updated. The "blue" teams are gone. Teams are either a LOCK, working on a LOCK with another win (if that teams loses, they go to the Bubble or their existing profile gets them IN), or on the Bubble. This will continue to sort out even more over the next few days.
--Temple and Saint Joseph's helped themselves today. UMass and Dayton did not...and I fear both are going to miss. UMass is not totally dead, but I think Dayton probably is.
--So long, Maryland. Get out your kNITting needles.
--Texas A&M is still not LOCKED, but one more would do it. They are in pretty good shape even if they lose tomorrow.
--Villanova will sweat it out this weekend.
--Kent State TCB.
--UNLV survived a tussle with TCU and stays on the good side of the Bubble.
--Arizona State and Oregon will hang out with Nova in the antacid aisle this week.
--Mississippi and Florida both went down to what have to be considered lesser teams. Both are likely OUT.

2.35 pm

--OSS has been updated, as has the Lockbox (it had a few glitches yesterday).
--Dayton lost to Xavier and will have to sweat...and I don't like their chances.
--Villanova lost to G'town, so they are squarely on the Bubble.

8.41 am
Late Last Night
--Arizona bludgeoned hapless Oregon State in a game they had to win.

The OSS is complete through last night's games and all 30 brackets are now complete as the last of the tourneys get going today.

What to Watch
--The A10. Dayton, UMass, Temple, and Saint Joseph's are all on the Bubble and all could be playing for their lives today. Surprisingly, none of them are playing one another.
--Maryland probably has to beat Boston College to stay alive.
--Ohio State would be wise to beat Michigan State, although they are probably on the good side of the Bubble right now. But, if they lose, they will sweat on Sunday.
--Texas A&M can probably breathe easy if they beat Iowa State today, but a loss could really damage them.
--Villanova can seal it with a win over Georgetown.
--Kent State cannot lose to Toledo and harbor AL hopes.
--UNLV needs to play to their 2-seed to feel safe. New Mexico is in must win mode. They probably need to get to the finals of the Mt West.
--Arizona, Arizona State, and Oregon all could use upset wins today to help stabilize their shakiness.
--Mississippi and Florida must win today.

Enjoy! Updates coming throughout the day.