Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perfect Storm

10.28 pm

The SCKySSiP work is complete! We have contingencies built for Georgia and Illinois if they were to win. I will post our work tomorrow afternoon before the Selection Show. I'll divulge our one seeds early:

North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA, and the winner of Kansas/Texas tomorrrow

Personally, I'm wrestling with the last two slots for my projection. I will post my final bracket tomorrow afternoon as well.

FTP server is still down, so I will update when I can...hopefully after lunch tomorrow.

3.42 pm

--As you might have noticed, my links to OSS and Lockbox aren't working. Of course, my employer (WKU) would pick THIS weekend to do server maintenance!!! I hear that it's only going to be today, so HOPEFULLY, everything will be up later tonight or tomorrow.

If it's still down tomorrow, I will simply post my final projections and the SCKySSiP's work in text on this blog. Sorry for the OSS trouble. Hopefully, things will be up again very soon.

--That said, VA Tech now is an interesting case. Of COURSE, they are one of the 34 best AL teams right now (about the last 3 weeks, actually). The question is, do they have one of the 34 best profiles? No, they don't--but there recent play makes them a very interesting case.

7.07 am
--The OSS is updated through last night. One game could not be completed (or even started) because of the storm last night in Atlanta. Kentucky and Georgia will tip off at noon today instead, and the rest of the SEC tourney has been moved to GA Tech's Alexander Memorial Coliseum.
--Lockbox and bracket are up to date, but I will tweak the seeding at some point today.

SCKySSiP Mock Selection Committee
I will not be updating quite as often today, because of the SCKySSiP (South Central Kentucky Selection Simulation Project). The ridiculously long name is used for effect. This is a "mock committee" of six folks, and we are replicating the actual selection process as closely as possible. We will be meeting this afternoon until very late tonight voting in teams and seeding teams. This is a replication of the process, not a prediction of what the committee will do. There is a big difference. My personal bracket on this site work in "prediction"--trying to guess what the actual committee will do. The SCKySSiP actually DOES the process. I will post our results and my personal, final prediction tomorrow just before the bracket is released.

What to Watch
--Saint Joseph's vs Temple (A10 Championship). One will go for sure, and maybe both have done enough. I have them both IN today.
--Kentucky vs Georgia. Kentucky can strengthen it's hand with a win here, and can clinch it late in the day if they can win two.
--Virgnia Tech vs North Carolina. Hokies are IN if they win this one.
--Illinois vs Minnesota. One of these spoilers will play for the Big Ten title tomorrow and take someone's bid if they can pull it off.
--Arkansas vs Tennessee. Hogs can LOCK it up here.
--BYU vs UNLV. For the Mt West auto bid.
--Memphis vs Tulsa. For the CUSA bid.
--Kent State vs Akron. For the MAC bid, and to keep Kent State out of the Bubble mess.
--Hartford vs UMBC. For the Am East bid.
--Jackson State vs Mississippi Valley State. For the SWAC bid.
--Coppin State vs Morgan State. For the MEAC bid.
--Pittsburgh vs Georgetown. For the Big East title.
--Boise State vs New Mexico State. For the WAC bid.
--CS-Fullerton vs UC-Irvine. For the Big West bid.