Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Update

The OSS is updated through tonight's games.

EDIT: WKU DID win over NT (84-70!!!), so I am on the road to Mobile tomorrow morning. I will update everything on late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

Congrats to Drake for their auto bid today.

The Colonial, Metro-Atlantic, and Southern conferences award bids tomorrow.

Frequency of updates here is largely contingent upon WKU's success or lack thereof in the Sun Belt tourney. I will likely not be able to update again today until VERY late tonight. If WKU wins tonight, I will get on the road to Mobile, AL, for Monday's night game. If they win Monday, I will not be back until early Wednesday morning after Tuesday night's game.

So, updates could be scarce if WKU is winning over the next couple of days. If not, I will update very frequently, but probably be in a sour mood.

But, we'll know more after WKU's game vs North Texas tonight at 9 pm. I hope to have a bracket update up late tonight or early tomorrow morning as well.