Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We Have Life!

I am having a few FTP issues, but those should be sorted out this afternoon. I will update the OSS later today.

Chalk Holds Up
There were 12 games in three conference tourneys last night, and the chalk held up well. In the Big South, Horizon, and Ohio Valley Conference tournaments, the higher seed hosts the first round games. Those teams went 10-2, with Loyola-Chi pulling a 8/5 job on UW-Milwaukee and Tennessee State doing the same to Morehead State in a 6/3 upside-downer.

Today, the Atlantic Sun, Patriot, and Sun Belt will play 13 games total, and the higher seeds host the games in the Patriot and the Sun Belt.

Bubble Talk
FINALLY, a few Bubble Boys are showing life.

Who helped themselves last night? New Mexico, Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Mississippi. New Mexico finally got a big win over UNLV, and are 7-1 in their last 8. Kansas State is all but IN, and will lock it up with a win at Iowa State. VA Tech has obliterated its last two opponents and looks to be very dangerous heading into their game with Clemson this weekend and the ACC tourney. They have won four straight. Ohio State scored a huge win over Purdue, and has Michigan State in Columbus on the weekend. That could put them back into the bracket. Ole Miss is in must win mode and they did win last night over Arkansas.

Who got hurt last night? Ohio, Florida State, Arkansas. Ohio is likely dead. FSU will need to stack up some serious cheese in the ACC tourney. Arkansas is now 2-5 in their last 7. They need to take care of Auburn this weekend or risk missing out.

Last Night's GOI
--at Ohio State 80, Purdue 77 (OT). Step one to getting IN is complete for tOSU. Next up: beat Sparty.
--at New Mexico 59, UNLV 45. I like the Lobos right now. It's nice to see a Bubble Boy winning down the stretch.
--at Virginia Tech 80, Wake Forest 58. Hokies are opening up a can on a regular basis right now. A win at Clemson would make them quite viable.

Tonight's GOI
--Texas A&M at Baylor. Aggies probably need this one to stay on the good side of the Bubble.
--Tennessee at Florida. Gators have a game tailor-made for teams in need.
--Oklahoma at Oklahoma State. HUGE stakes, especially for surging OK State.
--Syracuse at Seton Hall. Orange must have it.
--Duquesne at Temple. Owls must hold onto 2nd in the A10 at all costs.
--Mississippi State at Vanderbilt. Dogs are likely IN, but this would clinch it.
--Atlantic Sun, Patriot, and Sun Belt first round