Saturday, March 11, 2006

SCKySSiP Complete!

The SCKySSiP's work is done. Our mock selection committee has some contingencies set up for tomorrow's results, and I will post our final bracket tomorrow afternoon. We worked nonstop from about 4 pm until 11 pm today to construct our bracket.

My final projection will be posted tomorrow afternoon as well. I had hoped to update today, but the SCKySSiP consumes a LOT of time. Plus, I had work to do at my "real" job today. As far as my bracket goes, it boils down to four teams fighting for two final at-large bids: Creighton, Hofstra, Seton Hall, and George Mason.

II. The One Stop Shop is complete through tonight's games except for Pacific/Long Beach.
Xavier is the A-10 spoiler. South Carolina is the only other Bubble spoiler that survived today. Nebraska, Utah State, Wake Forest, and Wyoming all lost. Actually, Wyoming was not a true spoiler becuase San Diego State would not have received an at-large bid had they lost.

The Florida Gators just gained hordes of fans across the nation. South Carolina could pop someone's bubble tomorrow by winning the SEC title.

Tomorrow is Selection Sunday! Enjoy it.