Sunday, March 12, 2006

Crunch Time

I. Final Bracket Projection
Here is the final bracket projection. It was really tough at the bottom. The last two slots were pretty much a tossup between Hofstra, Seton Hall, George Mason, and Creighton. My last four IN were Bradley, Cincinnati, Hofstra, and Seton Hall. The first four OUT were Creighton, George Mason, Michigan, and Utah State.

II. SCKySSiP Results
Click here for our seven member selection committee's results. It took many email sessions and about 8 hrs yesterday to complete it. There is a lot of consistency with my individual projections, but the SCKySSiP took George Mason over Seton Hall. It seems like a question of how much damage Tony Skinn's suspension will inflict. The rest of the bracket is pretty close, although we did differ on some team's seeding.

The committee experience is much different than building this alone. The SCKySSiP is a replication of the process, NOT a guess at who the real committee will put in. So all of that voting (and voting, and voting, and voting...) is not attempting to predict what the actual committee will do (like I am). Rather, it is a replication of what they are doing. Big difference.
Our last four IN: Bradley, Cincinnati, Hofstra, George Mason
Close, but just OUT: Seton Hall, Creighton

Just about 35 minutes until we know for sure. I will have a complete bracket evaluation tomorrow on and a full report on the SCKySSiP.

Enjoy SelSun!