Thursday, March 23, 2006

16 Reasons to Live

1. My article on this year's party crashers (Wichita State, Bradley, George Mason) will be up on shortly.

2. Spring has sprung...although it's been sub-32 degrees here in Southern Kentucky for four straight mornings.

3. The Masters is just two weeks away.

4. "Mid-Major" rock stars on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

5. Bob Huggins lives to rant another day in Manhattan, KS.

6. Yoni Cohen (of YOCO hoops) ranks the Sweet 16 games.

7. Stan Heath's cooling of his seat this season.

8. Wonk's knowledge of coaching carousels.

9. My wife's chocolate chip cookies.

10. Today's tip times.

11. Both born on this Sweet 16 date: Chaka Khan and Roger Bannister.

12. My new guitar: the Gibson SJ-100.

13. Overhyped games for big-name recruits. Great set-up for next season-questions like, "How did he slip past (insert Big State U. here) and wind up at (insert Smaller Directional State U.)?"

14. Coach K for giving college hoop fans a common, "like a rock" antagonist.

15. UCLA vs Gonzaga. Who is the underdog again?

16. The success of the Colonial Athletic Association this season. Take heart, non-BCS fans, and follow the example.

Enjoy the games tonight.