Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The South Central Kentucky Selection Simulation Project (preposterously long title used for dramatic effect) is in it's third year this year. I have posted on this before, but here is the skinny.

Eight folks here in Kentucky are replicating the selection process as closely as possible. While we are not sequestered in a hotel together this week, we are following the NCAA selection criteria with votes by email all week. Then, on Saturday, six of our eight members will meet in person from 2 pm to midnight-ish to make final selections, seed, and place teams into the bracket.

So, while my personal bracket projection will still be on this site, also watch for SCKySSiP updates. My projections are a best guess at what the committee will do. The SCKySSiP is a replication of the actual process. There is a big difference.

I have updated the Lockbox to reflect conference tourney winners.

Tonight's GOI (see the OSS for times)
Bids on the line!
--(2) Butler at (1) Wright State (Horizon). Will the Horizon get one bid or two?
--(2) Oakland at (1) Oral Roberts (Mid-Con). Certainly the two best teams this league has had to offer all season long.
--(5) North Texas vs (2) Arkansas State (Sun Belt). This game is as unpredictable as this topsy-turvy league has been all season long.
Other tourney games
--Big Sky semifinals.
--Mid-Eastern first round.
--Mountain West 8/9 game.
--WAC 8/9 game.