Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bracket, Lockbox, OSS Updates

Lots of updates.

The One Stop Shop is updated through last night's games.

The Lockbox is up as well. I downgraded Texas Tech to Bubble IN due to their ugly loss yesterday and the fact that the available AL slots shrank by two due to Nevada and Xavier's losses yesterday. I also downgraded Syracuse from "near lock" to "projected in" simply because there are fewer spaces available.

I have both Nevada and Xavier still IN today's bracket. That cost Florida State and Stanford their slots from yesterday. Likely, it cost Purdue and Kansas State being in today. Those teams are charging hard as is Arkansas from the SEC. Mississippi State and Mississippi are making things interesting as well.

So, of the Bubble Boys, I took Texas Tech, Georgia Tech, Xavier, Old Dominion, Illinois, Drexel, and Missouri State in that order. Next in line were Purdue, Kansas State, Stanford, Air Force, Arkansas, and Florida State. The Mississippi schools can get into the mix with wins today.

The SCKySSiP will be working hard all day today. The fruits of our labor will be posted early tomorrow afternoon along with the final Lockbox and my personal bracket projection.

I'll do a late OSS update tonight if it's not ridiculously late when our mock committee finishes its work.

Enjoy the day!