Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final Projection, Lockbox, SCKySSiP

Here lies my final bracket. The Ole Miss win today may have cost someone (unless the committee had them in anyway). In both my personal and the SCKySSiP bracket, Ole Miss shaved MTSU off the bottom of the bracket. It will be interesting to see how close MTSU actually was.

The final Lockbox looks like this (see post below). I think four slots could be swapped around a bit and it would not surprise me. That said, I think LaSalle and Boise State "should" be in. That leaves two slots for St. Mary's and Tennessee in my bracket, but if MTSU, Kentucky, Alabama, UMass, or Virginia show up, I will not be terribly stunned (especially MTSU or Kentucky).

Finally, here is the SCKySSiP mock selection committee's final S-curve. This is not a "guess" but rather a replication of the official selection rules (EVERY vote!). Participating in a mock selection is the best way to understand the bracket, and I would encourage (and help) those who would like to do one next year. We voted electronically during the week, and spent 4pm until 11pm last night finishing it up.

So, nothing left to do but lament why the B1G final is so late and then see the actually bracket. Sixty-eight stories will continue on...