Friday, March 15, 2013

Bracket Update 3/15

A new bracket  has been posted.

There has been of jostling in the middle, but no changes in the 1 seeds or IN/OUT of late.

The SCKySSiP has paused to let some of the Bubble teams to play a few games before we vote any more teams in. We are currently sitting on 30 teams and will likely do another road of voting later today.

Finally, the Lockbox has been updated. The Bubble is down to 9 slots. Though still on the Bubble, Iowa State has to feel pretty good now. So, I favored St Mary's, Tennessee, Kentucky, and LaSalle, and left out Middle Tennessee and Virginia on the very edge. Virginia's fate is probably decided today: beat NC State, and they are in pretty good shape. Lose and they'll be a total coin flip. LaSalle is likely in a similar position. Beat Butler, they are likely IN. Lose and they'll sweat alongside MTSU and a few others.

Iowa could get into the conversation with a win over Michigan State. A handful of other teams could make themselves more viable with deep tourney runs (mainly thinking of a few SEC teams and UMass).