Monday, March 05, 2012

One Stop Complete, Lockbox Update 3/5

All 30 conference tourney brackets are up and ready/in progress/finished.

Lockbox updated. There are enough bracket projections out there, and I'll update as the week goes along. But, here, I'll mainly focus on the One Stop Shop and the Lockbox.

The Bubble by the Numbers
--31 Automatic Bids. That number will not change this season. Black italics means a team is the projected auto-bid for that conference.
--37 At-Large Bids (AL). That is also a static number.
--20 AL teams are listed in black (or are LOCKS). LOCKS cannot miss, even if they lost out. The black teams could miss in March, but most are a win away at this point.
--I have seven other AL teams listed in blue, which means they are on their way, but losing an early conference tourney game could put them on the Bubble.
--That means 27 AL slots are taken, leaving the Bubble at 10 at the moment. Generally, this number will shrink as we head toward Selection Sunday. Bubble-IN teams are in green, Bubble-OUT teams are in red.