Sunday, March 11, 2012

FINAL Bracket: Selection Sunday

This is the final bracket. St. Bonnie did indeed earn their spot and Seton Hall was shaved off.

I think NC State and Cal will get in. It's the last two spots that are a total crap shoot. I took the following for these (admittedly shaky) reasons.

1. Drexel. 24-2 since December 3. 19-1 in last 20 and that loss was in the conference title game against an absolutely smokin' VCU club. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to leave them out, but that's strong stuff compared to most other Bubble team "best reason."

2. South Florida. 13-7 Big East. Most Bubblers don't have late-season wins over clubs like Cincinnati and at Louisville, and the Bulls finished two games clear of Louisville in the Big East.

This is not to say these clubs belong IN over other Bubble teams, but these components spoke loudly to me when looking at the other profiles.

As always, this is a lesson in how the last few spots are a result of a process conducted by ten human beings.