Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BracketBusters Standings 1

Time for the first installment of the Buster standings. If I were ESPN/BracketBusters czar, I'd go with these match ups.

William & Mary at Butler
Siena at Northern Iowa
Nevada at Old Dominion
Wichita State at VCU
LA Tech at Missouri State
Western Carolina at Northeastern
Western Michigan at Murray State
Indiana State at Kent State
Charleston at Illinois State
Buffalo at Iona
Fairfield at Pacific

The field will be announced on February 1 and games will be played on Feb 19-20.

Tonight's GOI
--Vanderbilt at Alabama. Big chance for the Tide to score a good home win.
--North Carolina at Clemson. Will tell us a lot about both teams.
--Pitt at UConn. Panthers are one of just two unblemished BEAST teams.
--Mississippi at Georgia. Ole Miss is a "ranked" team that really has not shown jack squat since before Thanksgiving.
--Wichita State at Indiana State. If the Trees want to be in the Valley's upper tier, a win here would send a message.
--Minnesota at Michigan State. Couple of Big 10-11-12 contenders.
--Wisconsin at Northwestern. Cats need some big conference wins to have an AL shot.
--Cincinnati at St. John's. Johnnies need some conference wins pronto (0-3).
--Missouri at Texas Tech. Feels quite Bubbly.
--San Diego State at UNLV. The MtWest is going to be a fun, fun race.
--Georgia Tech at Virginia. Cavs have won 5 straight. If GT is going to contend and be a solid AL team, they need road games like this one.
--Miami-FL at Virginia Tech. Same for the 'Canes. Great record...need some conference roadies to become solid.