Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WKU Notebook 3: Indiana State

The Toppers can be assured of one thing: the national buzz is gone. Indiana State came in and handled the Toppers for 36 minutes before a furious rally tied the game with 0.6 seconds. Overtime, and a Topper runaway, seemed imminent. But, ISU's Harry Marshall launched an 80-foot pass that found Rashad Reed who collided with WKU C Jeremy Evans as he hoisted a prayer and it was answered by the official's whistle. There was definitely contact and Reed had momentum, but it was unclear if Reed got the shot off in time. And, honestly, a foul call on what transpired is RARE. But, there certainly was contact. And Reed sank the first free throw to win the game.

With a team now sitting at 2-2, Topper Nation must adjust their thinking from "we are really good" to "we are going to be really good." The pieces are there, but the bench is green and some of the vets are adjusting to new roles. Next up: at South Carolina on Wed, Dec 2.

When the smoke clears from these early season events and tourneys, TBB will start its work in earnest with the Watch List. Happy Thanksgiving.