Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wading In

Smell the salt in the air. Feel the first touch of the cold, watery foam as it nips at your toes. Sink ever so slightly in to the sand as the edges of formerly big waves breathing their last pull grains of sand right out from under your feet as they die. These flirty touches of the ocean only hint at what is coming: a full up-to-the-waist wade into the deep accompanied by the first crashing of a monster wave on top of your head. That cautious and gradual wade-in process is obliterated by that instant, fresh, cold, crushing wave sensation that simultaneously makes your gradualism futile and yet frees you to swim and cavort in the ocean unadulterated.

We have felt the nips at our feet. LeMoyne. Murray State at Cal. Isiah Thomas' debut at FIU in a trip at Chapel Hill. We have waded in ankle deep with the Coaches vs Cancer. But, that rogue monster wave, that chilly, aqua wall slams us in the face this weekend. There are 125 games on Friday, another 67 on Saturday, and yet another 50 on Sunday.

No Games of Import or Weekend Forecast on this first weekend. Just swim.