Saturday, March 14, 2009

SCKySSiP Complete/Final Lockbox

It's late, but we're done. We have been voting, voting, voting, voting, voting since 3 pm today and the debate regarding the 1-seeds and the last slots was passionate. Remember, what our nine-member SCKySSiP team has done is replicate the process, NOT predict what the committee will do. There is a big difference. We don't care one iota what the committee thinks or does. We merely followed the rules as best we could and did the process to the best of our ability. That's much different than me or one of a gazillion other people trying to guess what the committee will do.

I will post the SCKySSiP bracket in the morning, but I can give you this much:

1 seeds: North Carolina, Pitt, Louisville, UConn (MUCH discussion of Michigan State and little for Memphis)

Last Four IN: San Diego State, Maryland, Creighton, Dayton. If Mississippi State beats Tennessee tomorrow, Dayton goes OUT.

I have updated the OSS. And, I will post my personal final projection tomorrow before the bracket comes out. I have updated the Lockbox, and I don't think I'll change my mind on who gets IN.

There are 4 Bubble slots in my mind and Maryland, Dayton, San Diego State, and Creighton have those in that order. If Mississippi State wins tomorrow, Creighton goes OUT. I will not be stunned to see Arizona, Florida, Penn State, Auburn, or St. Mary's in place of one of my last four IN. South Carolina or UNLV would raise my eyebrows, but I wouldn't fall over. It just depends on what this committee values. They are humans, and they are making complex decisions, not ones based solely on cold numbers.

That said, anyone else other than the teams listed above will shock me. Or, if someone not in those last four OUT gets left at home, I will be quite surprised.

Final version of my bracket and SCKySSiP results tomorrow.