Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dukies and Bison and Gaels. Oh My.

1. My latest piece is up.
2. Kentucky's Randolph Morris is ineligible--for now.
3. Indiana's Marco Killingsworth went berserk last night in a tough loss to Duke.
4. I hate to say I told you so, but Bucknell is on fire. I said it then and I'll say it now. That win over Kansas was not THAT big of an upset.
5. Iona is on fire. Yes, I said Iona.

Tonight's GOI
--Northern Arizona at Denver (3-1). The Pioneers look to get back on track after a loss to undefeated Colorado State.
--Arkansas State (1-2) at Tennessee-Martin. ASU has not beaten a D-I team this season. They SHOULD get off the schnide tonight.
--Nevada at Kansas. Very important game for both teams. Nevada is looking to validate itself as a legit Top 25 team and Kansas needs quality wins, because they could take some lumps in conference this year.

Last Night's GOI
--Duke 75, at Indiana 67. Both teams made some bad decisions down the stretch. Both teams are going to be very good by the end of the season.
--at Iowa 45, NC State 42. I picked the Hawkeyes yesterday, but man, was this game ugly. Take a look at these ghastly shooting percentages.
--at Michigan State 88, Georgia Tech 86. I'm sorry, but Michigan State is not that good right now. They are just NOT.
--at Utah 67, Utah State 66. Told ya this was a huge in-state game.
--at Arizona State 83, North Texas 67. I must admit the Sun Belt is down this year overall.
--at Mississippi State 67, New Orleans 59 . I must admit the Sun Belt is down this year overall. Again. ASU and Miss State are not good teams this year and North Texas (0-2 vs D-I teams) and UNO (0-3 vs D-I teams) were supposed to have breakout seasons.