Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lockbox 3/4

The Lockbox has been updated. The last few in that seem quite borderline were Arkansas, Missouri, and Minnesota any of which could have been replaced with BYU, Providence, or Tennessee with very little hesitation.

The Bubble by the Numbers
--32 Automatic Bids. That number will not change this season. Black italics means a team is the projected auto-bid for that conference.
--36 At-Large Bids (AL). That is also a static number.
--Currently, 20 AL teams are listed as LOCKS or are in blackThe black teams are in great shape and are likely one away from LOCK.
--I have five other AL teams listed in blue, which means they could conceivably miss, but I'd be very surprised unless they tailspin here at the very end.
--That means 25 AL slots are taken, leaving the Bubble at 11 at the moment. Bubble-IN teams are in green, Bubble-OUT teams are in red.