Thursday, January 01, 2009

Weekend Forecast 1/2-1/4

Weekend Forecast


--Arizona at Cal. This one feels like it matters in Bubbledom.

--Arizona State at Stanford. Combined 21-1, but neither have beaten a powerhouse.


--Wake Forest at BYU. Combined 23-1! Again, both lack quality wins.

--Pitt at Georgetown. Combined 22-1, and with the win at UConn in tow, G'town can take a very strong position by holding serve here.

--Tennesssee at Kansas. Jayhawks need a big win on their resume.

--Michigan State at Northwestern. Cats lost at Penn St, but maybe they can work magic at home.

--Middle Tennessee at South Alabama. 2/3 of the Sun Belt's best and they are divisional foes as well.


--Arizona State at Cal. Another Pac-10 match up that feels important.

--Kentucky at Louisville. One of the nation's top non-conference rivalries, and both really need a good win right now.

--Cincinnati at Marquette. Some teams from the Big East will get squeezed and these kinds of games are going to decide who gets to dance and who doesn't.

--Illinois at Michigan. Two of the better Big 10 teams.

--Arizona at Stanford. Cardinal need to be tested.