Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A few more teams LOCKED up bids in the last few days. These teams could lose out and still get in:

Wisconsin, Xavier, Stanford

A few more teams are right on the cusp (Marquette, Vandy, Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame, maybe a couple of others).

A full, monster Bubble Boy breakdown comes tomorrow.

Tonight's GOI
--SIU at Bradley. Salukis are quietly building steam. If they can win out until the Valley final, they could be viable.
--Ohio State at Indiana. At some point, tOSU will have to win a big game.
--BYU at New Mexico. Lobos could make themselves viable with a win here.
--San Diego State at UNLV. Neither can really afford a loss, although UNLV's position in stronger.
--Tennessee at Vanderbilt. 'Dores are 17-0 at home and Tennessee is playing at #1 for the first time. It has all the makings for an upset.