Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lockbox Updated

The Lockbox color-codes teams based on where they stand at this point. A team only achieves "LOCK" (BLACK CAPS) status when they could survive losing out and still make the NCAA Tournament. Obviously, no team is quite there yet. However, there are a few teams that are IN barring an apocalyptic event. Only something like losing two starters to injury or forgetting how to dribble could make teams like North Carolina, Florida, and Pitt miss at this point. Still, I do not hand out LOCK statuses like candy. There will be plenty of slots come Selection Sunday that will not be LOCKS.

The color key is on the Lockbox page.

The Weekend Forecast comes tomorrow. TBB will resume its mid-season form on Monday:

Mondays: New bracket.
Tuesdays: Bracket Buster standings.
Wednesdays: Bubble Boy breakdown.
Thursdays: Wild Card.
Fridays: Weekend Forecast.

I do have a 2-week old at home these days, so please bear with me if I skip a day here or there.

Last Night's GOI
--at Bradley 48, SIU 46. Braves get a much needed big win.
--Marquette 73, at UConn 69. Note to poll voters: UConn is not even a NCAA team right now, much less Top 25.
--Pitt 59, at DePaul 49. DePaul's late surge was not enough.
--at Georgia Tech 74, Duke 63. Jackets score a big win and drop the Dukies to 0-2 in the ACC.
--at Illinois 74, Iowa 70. Hawkeyes are quickly heading into desperation mode.
--at Indiana 85, Purdue 58. OUCH. Hoosiers are hitting their stride (won 6 of 7)
--at Indiana State 68, Wichita State 63. The Trees are now a viable At-Large candidate. Shockers are squandering some big early season wins by falling to 1-4 in the Valley.
--at Kansas 87, Oklahoma State 57. When KU has it going, they are as good as anyone. A most impressive display last evening.
--at Texas 88, Missouri 68. Mizzou has serious road work to do.
--at Wyoming 86, UNLV 76 (OT). The TBB knew what it was doing when it put this game on the GOI. The Cowboys are TOUGH in Laramie.

Tonight's GOI
--Washington State at California. The Bears need this one more.
--Hofstra at Drexel. Two of the CAA undefeateds.
--Memphis at Houston. One of the few games that Memphis should fear in CUSA.
--Washington at Stanford. Both severely need solid win.