Friday, October 27, 2006

Preseason Bracket

It is simply guesswork at this point, but I've been tinkering on and off with a preseason bracket. After consulting many a website, Blue Ribbon Basketball Yearbook, and the Urim and Thummim, here is my opinion. Have a look at the first bracket of the season--and the only one until around New Year's. That is about the time the non-conference season wraps up. At that point, we can have a reasonable evaluation of which teams actually accomplished something before the conference slates begin.

The 1-seeds: Florida, North Carolina, Kansas. Nearly everyone is picking these three at the top of the heap. The early debate is about the 4th 1-seed. I'll go with the team that wins the Big East. Right now, I like Georgetown. They have great bigs, just like Hoya teams of yore. Pitt, Marquette, and UConn will surely have something to say about the Big East title before it's said and done.

Surprise teams: Virginia, Virginia Tech, DePaul. I am not seeing these teams get a lot of love. UVA and VA Tech return all five starters. DePaul returns four. I am a sucker for experience, I guess.

Anyway, this is mostly just for discussion purposes. I'm not going to vehemently defend any of these selections because there are no results on which to base an argument. It's just for kicks. Feel free to sound off.