Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Stop Shop

I. One Stop Shop Is Open for Business
Please allow The Bracket Board to supply all of your conference tourney needs. We have a terrific selection of baked goods (whole grain, of course), the finest meats and cheeses, and seasonal fruits and vegetables to help keep you healthy during these fading days of winter.

Oh, we will also have ALL THIRTY conference tournament brackets here in one spot: hence the name, One Stop Shop. I do not have all thirty up just yet, but I have 20 of the 30 brackets created even though the teams and seeds are not set in many of these brackets. Click the One Stop Shop link to the right to see fully updated bracket from all 30 tournies each and every day. Use the tabs at the bottom of the OSS page to view specific tourney brackets. I will have all the brackets up by Thursday and will update them daily from here on out.

The Ohio Valley, Horizon League, and Big South all put the wheels in motion tonight to determine their automatic bid. These three are ready to be viewed and printed in the One Stop Shop. This also means that the best three weeks of the year has begun. The conference tourneys (next two weeks), Selection Sunday, and the first weekend of the NCAA tourney are the best three weeks in sports for me. Soak it up!

PS: Sun Belt fans, I have the Belt bracket up complete with the 31 time changes. Unbelievable.

II. Last Night's GOI

--at Oklahoma 67, Oklahoma State 66. That would be FOUR straight one-point wins for the Sooners.
--at West Virginia 67, Pittsburgh 62. The 'Eers now have sole possession of third in the Big East.

III. Tonight's GOI
--Illinois at Minnesota. Dangerous game for Illini. They are fighting for a 2/3 seed.
--Cincinnati at Seton Hall. Nice and bubbly...just the way we like it.
--Big South, Horizon, and OVC Tournies. Some teams' seasons end tonight.