Monday, October 10, 2005

Caves, Country Music, and Homecoming

I did not intend to take a weeklong hiatus from blawgin', but I have covered a lot of ground in in the last seven days. First, I had to wrap up a load of work-related stuff last Tuesday and Wednesday before Western Kentucky University's Fall Break kicked in on Thurs/Fri. I simply did not have time to write on those days. Then, my wife and I took advantage of our two extra days off to hike and picnic at Mammoth Cave National Park on Thursday. The park is about a 30 minute drive from our house. It was a gorgeous, warm Kentucky fall day as we saw temperatures in the mid-80s and I absorbed a vicious no-see-um attack resulting in 14 visible bites. It was worth it. We also went to Jackson's Orchard, a wonderful local farm in Warren County, KY, and bought a fall pumpkin. Friday, we did more pedestrian, but equally important, activities like golfing (rained out!) and shopping for furniture. I got in a 12-mile run on Saturday morning (good-bye achilles injury...finally!) and some hang-out time with my wife's family in Glasgow, KY.

Sunday, my music project, Redfoot, embarked on its maiden voyage at a show with another local post-country group called God's Lonely Man and Portland, Oregon native, The Wanteds. Great stuff. Folks responded to us pretty well and we had a blast. I'm hoping to play some more solo acoustic shows soon and record an album in the near future. I will link up the Redfoot page permanently on this site when we have more info.

All of this to say that I have had an enjoyable week. The good gets even better this week as WKU Homecoming festivities are in full swing as the football Toppers prepare for Missouri State on Saturday. A chili/cheese luncheon and pep rally kicks it off on Thursday, then a parade, WKU Streetfest, and Big Red's roar (pep rally) all happen on Friday. The football game commences at 4 pm on Saturday.

In the midst of the floats, tailgating, pep rallies, and football, Hilltopper Hysteria (fka Midnight Madness) will take place in Diddle Arena at 9:30 pm on Friday night. Basketball season is upon us, and I will have a full report next Monday of Hysteria happenings. I have laid out my preseason Sun Belt picks and I have pored over the Topper schedule. In just four days, I will watch real players on a real court with real fans in the building. National parks, playing in an band, homecoming, and Topper basketball all in a matter of a 10-day span. (Sound of me taking a deep breath and letting out a satisfying "sigh") I love my life.

More random stuff coming this week.