Friday, September 16, 2005

Mission Statement

Many fans lament the reliance upon polls in college basketball. Seeing preseason numbers in front of a team’s name often stems from the past success of a program or coach. Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona and Kansas are always safe picks in the polls. They usually put high-caliber teams on the court and win a large percentage of their games. Naturally, if a team begins the season with a high ranking, it takes more losses for them to drop out of the rankings. Conversely, if a team is off of the radar to start the season, it takes longer for them to climb in the polls.

The Bracket Board views teams in relation to the NCAA selection criteria to make the playing field even for everyone…at least in regards to what teams have accomplished. Power conference teams obviously have a scheduling advantage over non-power conference teams, so the playing field is not entirely even, but every team’s status is based on what they have actually accomplished. This also means that one must wait until at least mid-season before the rankings/seedings have any true value. The polls are fine for fun speculation and mean a lot to schools in regards to exposure, but they fail to take the NCAA selection criteria into account.

The Bracket Board vows to evaluate all teams under the NCAA selection criteria standards regardless of conference affiliation or past success.

Small disclaimer: Early in the season, bracket projections will have some BBB (Bracket Board Bias), but I will be up-front about it. Once we get into conference play, the BBB goes bye-bye-bye.